Friday, March 30, 2007

Gay Icons

I got to thinking recently. I loved Apple's old "Think Different" campaign, but it lacked something - some gayness! So I have been busy with GimpShop creating some new desktop pictures that sort of satire the old "TD" campaign, but with gay icons!

I created a Picasa album with the first four pictures in the series. I'm hoping to add to them as time permits. Feel free to bounce over there and check them out. In addition to Liberace(with Cher!), you'll also find Warhol, Rock Hudson, and Alan Turing (a personal favorite of mine, the uber-geek if there ever was one).

Konkrypton's Desktop Pics

Like Robert Oppenheimer, Turing was treated badly by his government after his WWII service. He wound up committing suicide, sadly, because of his homosexuality. Shocking that the Brits treated him so poorly when he did such outstanding work in both decoding the Enigma code and creating the programmable computer. A full bio of him is available on Wikipedia.

Late addendum: Just added a new pic of George Takei!

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