Sunday, December 23, 2007

MOG Has Issues

OK, so I know that I was raving about MOG, but seldom is anything perfect, and MOG is no exception.  First off, they're affiliated with Rhapsody, which means that in order to listen to my recommended artists, I have to install Rhapsody, which means I have to sign up and give them my credit card number.  Not gonna happen.  Period.  At least lets me listen for free.

Second, I tried making a custom skin for my MOG page, thinking I would do an ELO-tribute style, something with lots of blue and red and yellow and some stars in the background, a la Out of the Blue.  Turns out that the set of skin files you download is old and doesn't include some new items that MOG has added to their pages.  So I dig and find the offending CSS that doesn't match my page, it's on a second CSS file that loads AFTER mine does, so I can't override it.  Hmmmm....  Further, it seems that the skins you make only YOU can use.  What's the point if I can't share them with others?

Anyway, I'm a bit disappointed.  If you want to read my latest post over there, here it is.

Monday, December 17, 2007

MOG Rocks Even Better

As much as I like(d), I'm finding MOG to be a better music listening/sharing service.  For one thing, I found that the "scrobbler" was eating a bunch of processor and memory on my PowerMac G4.  After switching to MOG, I found that it was MUCH less obtrusive.  Their "MOGifier" is a preference pane in your System Prefs, and uses about half as much memory as the scrobbler and it's much less processor-intensive.

Beyond that, MOG is related to Gracenote, the same service that identifies your CD's when you put them in your computer to play them (or rip them).

Give them both a try and see which you like better.